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Gee, it's fun learning to play!

If you are planning to give a musical instrument as a gift, such as a guitar, piano, or drums ...or you know someone special who loves to sing, G-Clef can complete the package.  Music education can help them to learn how to play their new instrument, plus enhance their life! 

The Holiday Gift Certificate can give them a good start.  We then have other wonderful opportunities to keep the learning going and keep them growing in their new found music skills.
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G-Clef Music Academy is honored to offer you or your loved ones the gift of a lifetime.  Please complete and submit the form below.  After which, you will then be forwarded to a payment portal.  Once your payment is received, we will send you or your recipient an email of your Holiday Gift Certificate.
Four Weekly Half-Hour Private Lessons
Piano, Guitar, Drums or Voice

The lessons include use of G-Clef's music instruments and materials. A formal application will be completed with the start and end dates when the certificate is redeemed. 

If you choose to continue at G-Clef Music Academy immediately following the 4 week lessons, we will waive the $75.00 registration fee, but you will be responsible for the course material, which costs $10.00  

You can learn more about G-Clef's offerings right here on our website, including the new Pay Per Month Family Music Plan.

Whether you are giving the gift to yourself or to a loved one, please complete all required fields.  If you desire to give the Holiday Gift Certificate to more than one person, please complete a form for each recipient.
Holiday Gift Certificate Form


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Pay for certificate using our secure online payment system. Must pay $115.00 to be valid to receive Holiday Gift Certificate by email. The email will go to the GIVER (unless otherwise indicated that giver prefers the certificate to go to the RECIPIENT). The GIVER simply prints out the email and gives the Holiday Gift Certificate to the RECIPIENT.  A random certificate code will be assigned to each recipient to ensure the validity of each Holiday Gift Certificate.  The deadline to purchase your Holiday Gift Certificate is Saturday, January 9, 2016.

Certificate is valid for one year after purchase. Student must be enrolled in at least one full month of lessons. Recipient must take four concurrent weekly 30-minute lessons at G-Clef’s facility. Space is based on availability.

Cannot be combined with any other offer. Limited 1 Holiday Gift Certificate per customer. Please complete a separate form for each additional certificate.

Pre-scheduled group make-up lessons will be given if any lessons are missed.

No refunds.

*I, Parent/Individual Over 18, agree to the payment and terms of G-Clef Music Academy's Holiday Gift Certificate

After you submit, you will be taken to a payment portal.  You MUST complete the secure payment page in order to receive Holiday Gift Certificate. 
Deadline to Purchase 
Holiday Gift Certificate 
January 9, 2016
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Imagine the feeling of surprise when your loved one opens up their Christmas gift and sees a musical instrument.  Imagine the joy you'll feel.  G-Clef Music Academy wants your gift to be complete.  Please add our Music Lesson Gift Certificate to your gift, so your loved one will be able to learn how to play their favorite instrument.  Only $115.00 for four weekly 30-minute private music lessons in piano, drums, guitar, bass guitar, or voice.  You can't beat this price for smile.  It's easy to get your music lesson gift certificate online.  CLICK HERE to purchase your music lesson gift certificate.

MORE GOOD NEWS!!!  If you purchase your Music Lesson Gift Certificate with G-Clef Music Academy by November 30, 2018, we'll give you a $50.00 coupon to use towards their music lesson tuition at G-Clef Music Academy.  We'll send the coupon along with your music lesson gift certificate.  Do you know what you'll get?  Even more smiles!
MUSIC...the gift that lasts a lifetime! Get your Music Lesson Gift Certificate
What's the price of a smile on Christmas morning?
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