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Whether you're young or an adult, you are about to embark on the benefits of learning music.  Music has amazing benefits for your life.  We want you to experience these benefits first-hand.  Students who are U.S. Virgin Islands residents and who are newly enrolled at G-Clef or who are currently actively enrolled at G-Clef for weekly 30-minute private music lessons (in person or online) at our two locations can start or continue their musical journey with a brand new instrument. To take advantage of this offer and receive a FREE music instrument, students must agree to maintain their enrollment at G-Clef Music Academy on either St. Thomas or St. Croix for ONE FULL YEAR.

Students who commit to the Terms and Conditions in G-Clef's FREE MUSIC INSTRUMENT Promotional Agreement can receive either a FREE piano (electric keyboard), guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, drum set (acoustic or electric) or violin. Imagine getting your own instrument for free, learning how to read music, and being able to practice at home. This is how good musicians become great musicians. Voice students are encouraged to choose a piano to help them reach their potential.

We believe this FREE MUSIC INSTRUMENTS initiative will help students better excel in their musical development. Students will enhance in skill areas, such as music theory comprehension, better performance presentations, increase range of pitch, accurate intonations, and improved fingering. These are just a few of the technical benefits. Other benefits to having access to an instrument at home to practice, include increased attention to details, heightened self-confidence and focus.

To get your FREE MUSIC INSTRUMENT, please call G-Clef Music Academy at (340) 344-6449 to schedule you or your child's 30 minute private music lessons! It's just that easy!!

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